Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spindlecat Studios Stitch Marker/keeper

I have a weakness for great knitting "tools" little things that are either pretty, or just make the whole thing easier.

As I have just discovered how useful this particular item can be, I thought I'd share. As a little giftie with one of my orders, Kate from Spindlecatstudio sent me one of her stitchmarker/keepers. I thought "oh cool" and it sat in my knitting bag with the rest of my stuff.

Until I started working on my most recent WIP.....a Noro Stripe Clapotis. You know the part where you have to remove the marker at row 8 and add it back at row 6? This little doo dad makes it almost impossible to lose that little "lady in waiting."

It's a stitch marker that hangs from a hook instead of a closed circle. The body of the marker is a keeper for stitch markers not currently in use. I have it hanging from my knitting ...and when I get to row 6 in the repeat, my next marker is sitting there ready to go.

This is the space where I wanted to post the pic....but it kept coming out here is a link to the actual item. Almost all of my favorite stitch markers are from this etsy shop...and this item is no exception. As I am prone to losing things....this marker has made my life much easier.

That's all for today. :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

You know what they say...

When you don't have something nice to say....come sit with us. I live in DC, my sisters live in NY....some say it's safer that way.

This is a welcome from Sister the Oldest. It's almost springtime in DC and the bulbs are coming up......and I am waiting to see how many of my pretties the rat bastard squirrels decided to dig up as snacks.

The little grey dog has made numerous calls to the Dept of Homeland Security about the issue, but they apparently have better things to worry about than the complaints of a Schnauzer.