Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spindlecat Studios Stitch Marker/keeper

I have a weakness for great knitting "tools" little things that are either pretty, or just make the whole thing easier.

As I have just discovered how useful this particular item can be, I thought I'd share. As a little giftie with one of my orders, Kate from Spindlecatstudio sent me one of her stitchmarker/keepers. I thought "oh cool" and it sat in my knitting bag with the rest of my stuff.

Until I started working on my most recent WIP.....a Noro Stripe Clapotis. You know the part where you have to remove the marker at row 8 and add it back at row 6? This little doo dad makes it almost impossible to lose that little "lady in waiting."

It's a stitch marker that hangs from a hook instead of a closed circle. The body of the marker is a keeper for stitch markers not currently in use. I have it hanging from my knitting ...and when I get to row 6 in the repeat, my next marker is sitting there ready to go.

This is the space where I wanted to post the pic....but it kept coming out here is a link to the actual item. Almost all of my favorite stitch markers are from this etsy shop...and this item is no exception. As I am prone to losing things....this marker has made my life much easier.

That's all for today. :)

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  1. Kate!? When did you start a blog!? I am so proud of you! I will add you to my list to follow :-) Congrats!